Our Production

Our organic extra virgin olive oils are characterized by their high quality, they come from the best olives of selected olive plantations, without using pesticide or other chemical additives, making possible to obtain an exclusive oil, rich of the traditional Mediterranean taste, pure and natural, universally known as the basic ingredient of the Italian cuisine and Mediterranean diet. The main cultivars used for the production are: Ottobratica and Sinopolese for Principe di Gerace®, Carolea, Cassanese and Roggianella for the brand Mediterraneò®, and carolea, ottobratica and tondino for the brand Bioleificio San Francesco®. The cultivation areas go from the coastal plains to the hill and low mountain areas. Such a big variety makes possible to rely on very high quality products, influenced from both the intrinsic characteristics of the cultivars and the micro-climate conditions and able to arouse the taste with several scents and different flavours.